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Student Loan Help

I can assist you in trying to resolve your student loan defaults and get you back on track. We can work together to stop the wage garnishments and arrange for a manageable monthly payment… more

Credit Law

Help with the many problems that relate to Credit Law: credit card debt, credit report issues, applications for credit and more. more

Court Actions

You’ve Been Sued!  A creditor’s lawyer has filed, or maybe threatened to file, a debt collection lawsuit.   What do you do now?  Delay, indecision and procrastination are your worst enemies… more


Keeping bankruptcy as simple as possible. Payment plans available.  As a Ch. 7 bankruptcy attorney, I can assist you in filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy relief.  We obtain your credit report information for you… more

FDCPA Violations

Were you a victim of unlawful bill collector harassment? Excessive telephone calls?  Illegal threats? Calling family? You have rights. You could have recourse under federal and state law… more

Debt Relief

Debt relief can take many forms, and no single plan fits every situation. Amount of debt, type of debt, status of debt (current, past due, charged off), assets, liabilities, income, among other considerations, influence which debt relief plan works best for you… more